‘God’ particles, time travel, big bangs and mini black holes…

Come on a journey inside the largest scientific experiment ever constructed.

Buried deep under the border between Switzerland and France, CERN’s Large Hadron Collider is the work of 10,000 men and women from across the globe, united in their quest to uncover the fundamental building blocks of our universe.

This immersive turnkey exhibition blends theatre, video and sound art with real artefacts from CERN, recreating a visit to the famous particle physics laboratory.

We take you behind the scenes to witness the uncovering of the Higgs boson, explore the 27 km collider and its cathedral-sized detector caverns, and discover how studying the subatomic world can point the way to a fuller understanding of our universe.

See history being made. Meet engineers who build the impossible. Walk the tunnels of CERN. Stand in the heart of a collision. Witness a moment of discovery.

Step inside the world’s greatest experiment…


The exhibition is now fully booked.



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