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Blueprint packs

Blueprint packs present the Science Museum’s content, concept, designs and meticulously researched IP in a way that allows you to reproduce an exhibition in new and exciting directions.

The packs enable you to produce or source all the physical elements of an exhibition with no expensive shipping, no insurance cost, and none of the environmental concerns that are often associated with a traditional touring exhibition.

By taking our blueprints and developing them into your own exhibition, you can feature new or local stories in it with the assurance that the high standards of a Science Museum exhibition are at its core.

Work in partnership with the Science Museum to create a unique exhibition never before seen and never again repeated.

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Blueprint packs currently available:

Our Lives in Data

Our lives in data

From mobile phone records and social media to commuting and CCTV feeds, Our Lives in Data explores how ‘big data’ is changing the way we live

3D Printing the Future

3D: Printing the Future

Imagine a world without limits, where any object can be produced on a whim. 3D printers turn data into objects that could transform your life