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Past research projects

Find out more about previous research projects undertaken by the Science Museum.

BBC Television broadcast for ‘Science on Show’, from the Childrens’ Gallery of the Science Museum, 9th January 1959.

Booming '50s, swinging '60s

An intermedial study of the public culture of science (1950-1970), comparing museum exhibitions and TV programmes on similar themes.

Family history films

Family history films

Two family historians tell the human stories behind some of the extraordinary objects in the Science Museum’s collections.

Music, noise and silence

Music, noise and silence

In 2015, scholars from across the world discussed narratives for a future exhibition on science, technology and music.

Part 2 of Oramics machine, 1959

Oramics to electronica

Electronic music history explored through the work of pioneer Daphne Oram and studios EMS and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

Phostem network workshops

Phostem network workshops

Science, technology and medicine historians discussed issues in the public culture of science history with museum professionals.

Egg slicer used with contact microphone for musical purposes by electro-acoustic musician Hugh Davies (1943-2005).

Collecting project

The Science Museum searched for people with a passion for music and music technologies to collaborate on ideas for the museum’s collections.

Museums of the modern age

Museums of the new age

Science Museum Composer in Residence, Jean-Philippe Calvin, created a soundtrack for the 1927 silent film ‘Museums of the New Age’.