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Sharing our experience

Are you starting a new project or events programme in your museum or science centre?

With downloadable information sheets and research summaries from the Science Museum, you’ll have instant access to everything we’ve learned about running successful sleepovers, setting up outreach programmes, presenting live events and much more.

What we’ve learned…

These information sheets summarise the real-life experiences of our staff and include the top tips for success in running projects from beginning to end.

Science Museum research summaries

These summaries cover key findings from in-depth evaluation reports that underpin our work.

If you’re looking for more in-depth reports or for information about our Audience Research and Advocacy team, visit the Audience Research page

Delivering life-enhancing experiences

The Science Museum Group (SMG) comprises four museums: Science Museum (London), National Railway Museum (York), National Science and Media Museum (Bradford) and the Museum of Science and Industry (Manchester). One of SMG’s objectives is to deliver life-enhancing experiences.

In 2009, SMG identified how it will measure its performance in delivering life-enhancing experiences in order to continually develop and improve its offer. This document outlines what is meant by a life-enhancing experience for the audience and how such experiences are planned for and measured.