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Data protection and Freedom of Information

Data protection

Requests for personal data

You have the right to access information about yourself, held by Science Museum Group, under the Data Protection Act 1998.

If you have made a past booking with Science Museum Group, lodged a complaint or contacted us for another reason—you can request to see your personal details. The official phrase for this is a “Data Subject Access Request”. A “DSAR” must, however, be in writing with a signature and show proof of identity.

If you would like to make a Data Subject Access Request please download and print out the Science Museum Group subject access request form and send it to the relevant address below:

Records Manager,
Data Protection Access Request,
Science Museum,
Exhibition Road,

Records Manager
Data Protection Access Request,
National Railway Museum,
Leeman Road,
YO26 4XJ

Head of Finance,
Data Protection Access Request,
National Science and Media Museum,
West Yorkshire

If you have any difficulties or would like assistance, museum staff will be happy to advise. Please contact the relevant Science Museum Group museum for initial advice, either by post or email

Freedom of information

The Freedom of Information Act 2000

From 1 January 2005, the Freedom of Information Act gives you the right to access all types of information (including business records) held by public bodies such as the Science Museum Group.

The Act is retrospective, which means you can access information recorded both before and after the Act was implemented.

Making a request

Requests for information under the Act must be in a permanent form, for instance in writing, fax or by e-mail.

Once received, we will respond to your request within 20 working days. However, you may be asked for further information in order to better identify and locate the information requested. Where possible, we will provide information in the manner you request.

As part of the Act, we have been asked to prepare a Publication Scheme—ie. a guide to what information we already make available. You should consult this guide first to see what information is easily accessible without the need for you to make a specific request.

Consult our Publication Scheme

If the information you seek is NOT held within the Publication Scheme, then please email the Freedom of Information team


If you feel your request for information has not been handled properly you are entitled to lodge a complaint.

In the first instance, email the Science Museum Group itself

If you are still dissatisfied then you should contact the Information Commissioner’s Office.